The Cobra Yoga Mat

  • The Cobra Yoga Mat

The Cobra Yoga Mat


For the ones at one with nature and the courageous practitioners who are willing to face their fears and look a snake in the eye.


Our pioneering heat-activated—and visually dynamic—yoga mats encourage you to ground yourself fully into a vibrant world below your feet and hands. Like Plank Pose, Plank mats teach you stability and help supply the power and confidence needed for a body-, mind-, and life-altering relationship with yoga, whether you’re new to the practice or a master yogi.

Plank yoga mats aren't for everyone, admittedly, any cue can improve grounding on any mats. What's different, is our HABIT™ busting technology, which not only stops sliding instantly, when you and your students proactively study and compare old pose habits with new, you unlock extraordinary human strength. However to do this on demand, you need a strategic plan, here's Plank's HABIT™ Busting plan for you and your peeps...

Step 1; Power Initiator our BAD™ technology, establishes a Broad And Deep base to improve foundations.

Step 2: Power Prolonger our BADASS™ technology, reinforces sustaining maximum grounding for longer, even when grounding is not being cued by instructors. Asking yourself or your students to think like a BADASS™, i.e. Broaden And Deepen And Studying Something provides more opportunity to put more hand or foot to the mat and study what shifts anatomically...

Step 3: Power Super Charger, our HABIT™ busting technology, Habitual And Badass Investigation Time, for those who want to accelerate their practice and reduce injuries, know strategic study of habitual and new pose habits will dramatically refine skills. Practicing our HABIT™ buster technology, by comparing your habitual cues against one of our BADASS™ tips or a tip from other sources regularly will provide answers and confidence immediately; ensuring badass poses are your new norm.

    Plank yoga mats, designed to take you from bad, to BAD™, to BADASS™...

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    Product Care

    • Wipe regularly with warm water using a damp cloth or sponge.
    • Let air dry, away from sunlight.
    • Store rolled in a cool, dark place—preferably a yoga mat carrier, like our Canvas Series.