Plank Yoga Mats, For Those That Get There's Grounding AND Then, There's Maximum Grounding™...

Calling all instructors who are never ending learners, constantly looking for new research and/or products to upgrade your practice or that of your students?

Would a yoga mat which forced you to study the biomechanics of grounding, to embed the muscle memory required to establish stronger, safer base, be a beneficial training tool for accelerating your student's practice?

Grounding is a yoga concept that is often quickly over-viewed, as it seems too foundational and simple. As such, it often takes a back burner priority, as newer, cooler, fandango yoga poses are requested to be taught. However, Plank yoga mats takes a Broad And Deep dive beyond the preconceived notion of grounding, as a simple fundamental concept, to discover a powerful training tool which can differentiate an instructor's curriculum, by providing the experiential benefits of the little-studied impacts of Maximum and Minimum Grounding

One of the most effective ways we like to experience the different levels of power and muscle activation which occurs when using a Plank mat, is to study a variety of poses, where 1/2 the body is over a grip mat and the other 1/2 is over Plank's training tool yoga mat. This side by side mat study can be mind blowing, especially for the anatomically minded instructor who wants to demonstrate self-reliance, not mat grip reliance, produces better and safer pose results.

Regular practice on a Plank Mat increases the chances of enhancing stability, ensuring proactive foundations will be activated for unexpected challenge. Our goal, albeit, off the mat, on another mat, where your mat or instructor doesn't provide our constant habit busting reminders.

How cool would it be to know the fundamental lessons of Plank's Maximum Grounding are embedded into every muscle and connective tissue fiber and will come quickly to body and mind, with and without a Plank Yoga Mat...  

For those who have a Plank mat, let us know what you've discovered and for those who are curious, let us know, what you'd like to know.





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